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What you don’t know can cost you…
Here's your chance to cut back on your marketing budget by
getting more results for your money.

Without measurement, there’s no real management: until you know where your marketing, mailing and sales promotion dollars are going…and how well they do when they get there…you are relying on luck and guesswork. That’s expensive.

Webster One Source has just the answer ...

Webster One Source is now offering FREE of charge for a LIMITED TIME the following services to help get you started in outsourcing your marketing collateral management.

  • Webster will come to your location and consolidate all of your marketing materials that pertain to setting up your new offsite warehouse and fulfillment center.
  • These items will be broken down, categorized by part number and arranged in a “bible” binder for your review.
  • Upon your approval, Webster will set up an e-commerce/on-line ordering site based on the set of guidelines that best suit your needs.
  • The site will be designed using graphics that resemble your current web site and instructions on how to use the site will be developed and distributed accordingly.
  • Your new site will include static and virtual printed materials.  The on-demand items will be designed to be ordered and approved using this site (i.e. Business cards, forms and stationary products).
$1500 Value, Offered Free for a Limited Time!
We're the space you need!